Medicine combined with mathematics, determination and passion!

The treatment of any condition is complemented by the nutritional medical indication. Whether it is gout, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia (eg cholesterol and / or triglycerides above the upper limits), kidney disease, digestive disorders, anemia, cancer, endocrine disease or weight management, you need to change your eating behavior to get the desired results.



The medical approach is a priority because we are aiming primarily for your health.



We are characterized by curiosity and enthusiasm, so we are up to date with documentation in our areas of interest; that is why we are aware that we do not possess the absolute truth and we will always look for the right solution with and for you.



The food we eat meets a budget; it is calculated for each of us.



We are determined to make things simple and within your meaning. We will lead you to a healthy lifestyle in an easy and enjoyable way. We want it, you need to want it, too.


You and us make a team

We are motivated by the results. We want to help you carry the positive message about family nutrition and physical activity and then on, becoming an ambassador of our activity.

We make a team with you and work in the same direction. Your motivation is proportional to the results.

We will support you all along this road and we will take care that you don’t get overwhelmed – we respect you, it is YOUR work every day, we give the indication.

We are LEARNING from each of you how we can become better in what we do.

What we do

  • Weight Nutrition Management
  • Weight management and bariatric intervention indication
  • Pre and post bariatric intervention nutrition programs
  • Nutrition specific to various conditions (see specializations)
  • Nutritional indication in preconception, pregnancy and lactation.
  • Sports Performance Nutrition
  • Workshops in Education for Nutrition
  • Preschoolers, schoolchildren, high school students, students (The “Other Food” Program)
  • Corporations (CorporEAT Program)

Take now your first step for a healthier life!

together you and us we make a team to work into the same purpose. Your motivation is proportional to the result.


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