8 days of health for your tomorrow!
8 days of health for your tomorrow!


It’s the first step we will take with experienced medical specialists and accredited nutritionists.


A key element for a healthy life, which you will discover along with our team.


Identify by our side new healthy solutions for the good or difficult times you encounter in your daily life.

We want your best and we have you meet it for 8 days in the green paradise of the castle of Miclăușeni.

In Tabara de Bine, nutrition, movement and mentality are the 3 special guests that we will meet together with speakers, experienced medical doctors, accredited nutritionists, psychotherapists and certified physiotherapists .

Retrospective: When: 22 – 29 iulie 2018

Where: Casa Măcrina, Miclăușeni, jud. Iași

Available spots: 20

8 days of health for your tomorrow!

In the camp you will identify together with our team healthy solutions for the good or difficult times that you encounter in your daily life. You will learn how to overcome mental obstacles, how to react at various stressful times in your life from a food point of view, and you will confirm that health is indeed better than all.

We prepare workshops, activities, discussions and conferences on topics such as:

“Never missing my little or big breakfast”

“Keep the weight you want. By eating.”

“Measure instead of restrictions. How to look optimistically at the food on your plate.”

“Pilates for energy 24/7”

“Heallth in dishes: how to cook vegetables and meat for my family.”

“Emotions. Management or control?”

“Rewrite your goals in an attractive and relaxing way”

If you care for your own good, you care for the good of those close to you. Caring for oneself is a declaration of love for your children, parents, friends, grandchildren, siblings, brothers and sisters, for whom you make the gift of being with them for many years and happy days.

Retrospective 2018

Participation price: 700 Euro* per person; if you want to come with a friend, the participation is 1200* Euro / 2 persons. *The price includes transport by bus from and back to Iași on July 22, respectively, July 29, 2018, accommodation 7 nights at Casa Măcrina, 3 daily meals created according to the menus made by accredited nutritionists and cooked by a specialized chef, access to workshops and discussions (including practical workshops for menu preparation), a set of blood tests before and after the 8 days, solutions and recipes for a balanced life that you can later apply in your family to improve the quality of life for its member
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TABARA DE BINE is a project initiated by the Nutrition Clinic

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